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Open since 2017 and directed by Pharmacy Graduates Nuria Cholbi Mulet and Jaime Cholbi Pastor, it consists of a team of 5 people with extensive training and experience in the field of pharmaceutical care. Currently the team is made up of: graduates and pharmacy technicians specialized in clinical analysis, cosmetics, phytotherapy, nutrition, etc…. These are the members of our team:

Cholbi Mulet Pharmacy Team

Pharmacist specialized in clinical analysis: Creator of the laboratory and the voice of experience ...

Pharmacist specialized in clinical analysis. Thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit, the Cholbi Mulet Clinical Analysis Laboratory was born and, as he did not want to be left without living the experience of a community pharmacist, he has been combining it with the pharmacy for many years.

He loves to be up to date and for this reason he is in continuous training on a monthly basis.

He does not stop learning languages and, to this day, he handles French, German and English in the workplace.

For us it is the voice of experience.

Dermocosmetics and formulation specialist

Pharmacist passionate about dermocosmetics and therefore specialized in dermocosmetics and master formulation.

She is very shy but gives everything for the people around her. When she goes out to the counter she knows how to give the best advice that each patient needs and she never ceases to amaze the team every day.

She is very easy to learn languages and handles French, German and English in the workplace.

It still has a lot of hidden potential that we will get it to come out sooner or later.

Expert in social networks and lover of dermocosmetics and phytotherapy

She is the young woman of the team, always wanting to absorb to the maximum everything that her teammates teach her every day. She also she does not stop forming.

He likes dermocosmetics and phytotherapy, but what he is most passionate about is the world of social networks that revolves around the pharmaceutical field.

He likes being able to go out to the counter and listen and help our patients as much as the management issue that comes with running a pharmacy.

She has been impregnated with this world from a very young age and is in the process of learning when it comes to taking blood for clinical tests. The fear of needles does not know.

He speaks English and continues in continuous training with languages.

She still has a long way to go but she is surrounded by the best team to achieve her goals.

Veteran in pharmaceutical care and lover of animals and health care.

He has been in our pharmacy longer than the owners themselves and has been working in the field since he was 18 years old.

She is an introvert but when you meet her and she opens up, she has a special inner world.

He loves everything that has to do with the pharmaceutical world, be it medicines, dermocosmetics, herbal medicine ... and that means that he does not stop being in continuous training and always wanting to know more.

She handles German and English as far as the workplace is concerned and foreigners who have known her forever adore her.

He is a lover of animals, but especially of dogs and therefore has an extraordinary handling of the veterinary world.

Creative, specialist in dermo and speaks native French.

He has already 13 years of experience in the field of community pharmacy.

Professional and specialized in dermocosmetics, she always knows how to give the best tips and advice so that you can show off your skin to the fullest. In addition, she is very curious and loves to keep up with new trends.

One of his strengths is the command of French as his second language and he also speaks English in terms of work.

He loves direct contact with people and always has a smile ready for each patient who walks through the door, the pharmaceutical council is his greatest ally.

It develops its creative side with the exhibition of the campaigns and products of the moment that never ceases to amaze us.

Sports lover and expert in nutrition and herbal medicine.

Nutritionist and sports lover, that is why he has a good handle when it comes to advising on nutritional supplements.

He speaks English when it comes to the field of pharmacy.

Lover of phytotherapy, aromatherapy, and being able to dedicate time to each person who is interested in this world. He has an enviable command of this field and his advice transmits his passion for it.

He is a very outgoing and smiling person, he always comes out to the counter with all his strength to dedicate as much time as possible to each of our patients and give them the best individualized advice.

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